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Legal remedies for Coloradans by Coloradans.

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Dawn C. Anderson, Esq.

Hominum causa jus constitutum est. Law was established for the benefit of humankind.

The Anderson Law Firm, based in Boulder, Colorado, represents a broad spectrum of clients on a wide variety of matters.  Excellent client service is the cornerstone of our practice, and we are committed to  providing strategic, practical legal counsel with innovative, responsive and cost-effective services.

As an individual, small business, entrepreneur, or large corporation seeking counsel, we treat every matter with a commitment to providing the highest quality legal representation.  We pride ourselves on delivering innovative solutions and enhancing opportunities.

Dawn C. Anderson is a Colorado native, life-long resident, and Boulder lawyer. She received both her doctor of jurisprudence and undergraduate degrees from the University of Denver. She began her career as a sole practitioner in 1988. As a business attorney, she has also been in-house counsel to private organizations and has served as staff counsel to a Fortune 200 company, where she was lead counsel to various functional departments including the Board of Directors. Ms. Anderson's experience allows her to provide thoughtful and reasoned counsel to clients. She maintains a reputation as a highly competent and well informed problem solver/consensus builder, providing excellent representation and client service.

Our Work

Legal remedies for Coloradans by Coloradans.

Areas of practice include but are not limited to:

Corporate and Business matters.

Regulatory Matters.

Estate and Probate.

Civil Disputes.

Personal Injury.

Domestic Relations.

Real Estate.

About us

Dawn Anderson Esq, lead attorney, offers over 20 years of experience in the practice of Colorado law. Strong community ties and a wealth of knowledge, make her the first choice by those who are in need of assistance with their legal concerns.

The Anderson Law Firm, LLC utilizes an extensive network of resources, providing comprehensive legal services with the highest ethical standards and integrity. With her combined skills and experience, Anderson is a strong alliance to have on your side.


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